Dream of Sparrows

MEANING: Dream of sparrows symbolises that you need to take on a different perspective or viewpoint. You are good at handling situations where patience is essential for resolution. Any new circumstance or activity will do you good. Don’t act like a child if something doesn’t go your way and you see that you can’t get that whim. Perhaps you have made a decision that is not sitting well with you or that you are doubting.

SOON: Dream of sparrows shows that these days have brought you unforgettable family moments. After certain work storms, you now live moments of calm. When you want, you know how to put things in their place. What you want now is something you can get if you put your mind to it. You return to an idea from the past in a professional or business matter.

FUTURE: Dream of sparrows indicates that in love, amusements or hobbies you will get something that will satisfy you. Anyway, you will feel very involved in the history and with desire of success. You will start reading a book that will be very revealing to you. Changing cities is not the end of the world, on the contrary, it can bring you many good things. You will become uninhibited and be yourself and that will make you feel good.

ADVICE: Transmit to him all the confidence you can. Protect yourself, but without losing a point of curiosity and daring in love.

WARNING: You may be much richer than you think, don’t compare yourself to anyone. Strive to defend your work and not be intoxicated by this person’s words.

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