Dream of Sleeping On Lap

MEANING: Dream of sleeping on lap suggests that do not tell anyone about an argument or problem with your partner. Perhaps you need to avoid certain food, habit, person, situation, etc. It will be a day when you will be more creative than usual. Your optimism will not be very high, as you will have to solve several issues. Think that you may be right because sometimes you want to protect them too much and that is not convenient.

SOON: Sleeping on lap in dream symbolises that accepting things as they are is your outstanding debt. This is a professional project that you are very interested in and have worked on seriously. It’s not about lying, but about valuing what is most positive and showing it as your best weapon. Summer is not over yet for you and you still have opportunities to enjoy your free time. There is a person who has changed his attitude towards you.

FUTURE: Dream of sleeping on lap expresses that at night you can tell someone your impressions and how much fun you had. Your sacrifices and efforts will begin to give you favorable results. You will be able to make peace with that person on neutral and pleasant ground for both. A good amount of money will come from unexpected sources. Some will feel the need to travel to places of retreat, mysticism and great spirituality.

More about Sleeping On Lap

Dream of no sleep shows that you will shine like never before motivating gossip and comments that you will laugh about a lot. In this sense a good friend will give you a valuable key. You will spend the day with your family and some of your closest friends. You will act justly and set a good example to those around you, especially to the young. Your passions and desires are very strong right now and you will demand a lot from your partner.

Dream of your lap means that creative activities or your hobbies will enter a more fluid period. You can join a gym, run in the park or play any other sport. There is something important about yourself that you will discover as you strive to look within. You will spend a day with very high spirits, with positive energy. Life changes every moment, remember that.

Dream of sleeping on lap contains special messages

ADVICE: Try to remember the best of them, everything they brought to you. If you want things to change, commit yourself now.

WARNING: Moderate that tendency you have to exaggerate reality. Just don’t fall short or be shy about asking for all the details.

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In my dream i had my eyes close and i felt that i was on someone’s lap. i felt soft hands caressing me around my neck , face and going through my hair. I got all sentimental, in tears. I didn’t hear her voice but i felt like i did and she told me my voice is the best and i started singing one leter just like a harmony. As i felt hands pushing me upward raising me until i felt i was floating towards something. But the sensation of the dream felt like sleep paralysis but this felt different, good