World O’ Dreams: Uncover Secrets of Dreams

World O’ Dreams defines a dream as a sequence of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. The reason for dreaming and its purpose are not fully understood, although they have been a subject of scientific, philosophical and religious interest throughout history.

Meaning of Dreams

Throughout history, people have questioned the meaning of dreams. Early civilizations considered dreams to be a medium of contact between humans and the gods. The Greeks and Romans were convinced that dreams could predict the future in their time. Since then, times have changed and many theories about dream meanings and dream interpretation have emerged.

Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation allows us to understand whether or not our dreams reveal something meaningful. There are certain things to do in order to decipher the meaning of a dream. Loewenberg speaks of; ” a comparative analysis between the imagery and actions in the dream to the events of the person’s previous day.”

This means that in waking life you should pay attention to the content of your dreams. When one begins to keep a daily diary in accordance with a dream diary, we may well begin to notice connections between our dream imagery and our daily struggles and successes. For example, you might notice that when your mother-in-law came to dinner, you dreamed of being attacked by a lion that night.

If you got a job at work that you were struggling to get, you might dream that you won the lottery that night. Or if something you were very excited about didn’t work out, you may dream about an accident or a fall the night before.

There are experts who have mastered the skills of dream interpretation that you can consult to help you if you are ever in distress.

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Importance of Dreaming

Although much remains to be said about the importance of dreaming, more can be said about the benefits of dreaming. For example, the rapid-eye-movement sleep phase in which we dream also allows us to commit things we learn to memory, which means that dreaming helps with cognitive processes in humans. In addition, dreams provide emotional benefits, such as introspection.

According to Loewenberg; “Our dreams are full of information, advice, guidance, and even warnings that we need to know about ourselves and our lives. The act of dreaming is a very deep and profound thought process in which we focus exclusively on ourselves. Through dreaming we examine our current problems, behaviors and goals. When we dream, we come up with ideas, we sort things out, we look at ourselves in a deeper light, and we gain a clearer picture of ourselves and our situation so that we can make better decisions in the future. Dream researchers and people who use dreamwork in psychiatric practices have found that dream interpretation is the most profound form of therapy available today.”

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