Dream of Short Curly Hair

MEANING: Dream of short curly hair means that there is some aspect of yourself that you are also rejecting or refusing to acknowledge. It may not be something that you consider important, but for him it is. Keep your relationship from interfering with your business. Someone is going to ask you for help in this matter and you will think about it a lot. You will have a lot of tune and enjoy spending time together.

SOON: Short curly hair in dream symbolises that you know how to persevere and you are constant and you must exploit those qualities to the fullest. You may well be in the process of changing your friendships or social relationships. Perhaps it is time to face new challenges. Although you love to travel all over the world, you like to return to your city with your people. Maybe that’s why you feel you need to turn your relationship around.

FUTURE: Dream of short curly hair means that someone close to you will celebrate your successes, enjoy them. You will have to ask him and then wait for him to be able to attend you. Reorganizing your financial resources will not be as complicated as you think. Good ideas to reorganize your usual space and make changes that will improve your quality of life. Now you dare with all that, you overcome it without any problem.

More about Short Curly Hair

Dream of hair symbolises that you will laugh now at what yesterday destroyed you. Your dreams will be fulfilled as long as you believe in them blindly. You will feel inspired and able to succeed. This low tone will change if you analyze things without so much passion, with more objectivity. That tenacity pays off, and you are pleased about it.

Dream of short hair means that you will receive an advice, listen to it carefully. The financial issues that had you worried are beginning to be resolved. At this moment you are sure of what is good for you and where you want to go. Your heart, on the other hand, will be rather calm and will remain so for some time. You will be the apple of perdition for others.

Dream of curly hair indicates that what until now seemed difficult may be easier than you could have imagined. From the calm you will get much more than from other emotional states that do not benefit you. Hidden talents will come to light for further personal enrichment. A cycle of abundance and prosperity begins for you. In general, you will feel quite good-humored, confident.

Dream of shorts expresses that with willpower you will leave behind some unhealthy habits. You know your own limitations, but there are some aspects that you will be able to improve a lot. Health problems are stabilized and you start a stage of regeneration in this sense. Someone will want to have a conversation with you to clarify concepts and you can’t refuse. Surprises and somewhat surreal situations await you that will make you laugh a lot.

Dream of short curly hair contains special messages

ADVICE: Pay attention to your public image, your work, your profession. You have to think things through and decide when you are clear.

WARNING: You need to plan with your agenda and not leave events to chance. Talk to her before the situation deteriorates.

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I was with a smart little black girl I know and she had curly hair. I noticed my hair became curly too–and mine was with beautiful golden stripes. My sister came in and said, “yes your hair is curly”, and her mom came in and took a picture of us. Then, after, I noticed my hair went back to being long and wavy–its true form, and the golden streaks remained.