Dream of Getting Text Message

MEANING: Dream of getting text message symbolises that after a long winter, the arrival of spring fills you with vitality. You can’t feel good if you’re not in good physical shape. Certain time vampires are consuming more energy than desirable. All this will be developed in a friendly and relaxed tone. Only in this way you will be able, at the perfect moment, to reach your objectives.

SOON: Getting text message in dream shows that you finally see clearly that your health is improving and you are taking a step forward. What you need to analyze is what you really want and how you will feel better in the future. That’s fine as long as it doesn’t mean you’re afraid of a challenge. There are unexpected changes, which you have encountered and which you have to assume. You regain the optimism and desire to start in a company, business or project.

FUTURE: Dream of getting text message signifies that you will decide to take care of your food at least until new year’s eve. A checkup will not be out of place, because it will give you peace of mind. He may not come to you, but he will be relieved to know that he can count on you. Your intuition is sharpened and this will help you to discover the truth in everything. You start the week with good news about some labor issues that were standing.

More about Getting Text Message

Dream of text message expresses that sympathy will be an important point in your favor. You make up for lost time with a child or a friend with whom there was a break-up. Everyone goes through different phases and now it’s your turn to be single. You may even be pleasantly surprised by your interlocutor. You will do nothing particularly special, but you will not forget this day.

Dream of message shows that you will receive joy for children or young relatives. You will return to normality as long as you leave the past alone and reconcile with the present. If you go with your partner, romanticism will flood your life. This capacity of yours may give you a promotion in the medium or short term. You can show those around you a good time.

Dream of a text expresses that you will sound more convincing before a somewhat inquisitive crowd. In addition, someone close to you might make a surprising confession. Although you will be more cautious and careful in love, you will not lack. By chance, you will meet again an old friend. There are data that will make you reach certain conclusions.

Dream of getting text message contains special messages

ADVICE: You must show your appreciation and make him see what you appreciate, how important he is to you. Perhaps it is simply that you should let them rest.

WARNING: Beware of the cold because a bad move can happen to you. Plan the steps to follow and don’t let anything or anyone stop you.

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A finance professional I met texted me, and his name on my text was different than real life. He said, “hey weren’t we supposed to meet to discuss the finance and accounting of your business?” Then in the next message he admitted he liked me. In the third text message, he listed like 20 qualities he liked about me, energetically. I looked at the cell phone and sometimes there were only 2 texts and sometimes there were 3. Then My 2 sisters and I were in the back of a van.