Dream of Broken Rudraksha

MEANING: Dream of broken rudraksha shows that meditation will be a very useful weapon today to reach important conclusions in your life. If you are faced with a test or a job interview, you have nothing to fear. You are damaging your health with certain harmful habits that you do not get rid of. You may have a headache or some discomfort in the eye area. It is time to plan, to visualize what you would like to do in the future, not to make decisions.

SOON: Broken rudraksha in dream suggests that the important thing is that you are comfortable with yourself. Now is the time for you to give yourself a good reward. Joy is the best seasoning for all life’s recipes. Searching for your own identity is your most important job. Sometimes it is not so bad to express certain complaints, although in a calm and respectful way.

FUTURE: Dream of broken rudraksha indicates that facts count more than any empty words, especially if it is a new relationship. Your chances are much higher than you are thinking right now. A family issue that had you all worried about is about to be resolved. You will find the way to face your life as it comes. You will enjoy the little everyday things that bring you joy and your mood improves a lot.

More about Broken Rudraksha

Dream of rudraksha shows that an acquaintance will invite you to a party where he will celebrate something important to him. You will spontaneously organize plans and outings outside the work environment. Something may happen that will shed light on certain issues in your past. Your partner will be more accommodating to you. A dream, a desire will be fulfilled especially if you see yourself on the way to progress.

Dream of broken rudraksha contains special messages

ADVICE: Live intensely the present, change your history and decide not to waste another minute. You should moderate what you eat and think more about your health.

WARNING: Don’t be obsessed because the solution requires time and patience. Be aware of the stress and anguish that can assail you if things don’t go your way.

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Hi, I had a dream last nite and saw that my 14 mukhi rudraksh had fallen on the ground and broken into half.. i was shocked to see this but suddenly when i touched it actually around my neck – it was Ok, nothing had happened to it.