Dream of Egusi Seed

MEANING: Dream of egusi seed means that you like not knowing about certain things. Home will become your sacred temple. Don’t let others make decisions for you. You may run into an old acquaintance who you do not hold in high regard. The days of disconnection that you wanted so much have arrived but now you feel that you are still missing something.

SOON: Egusi seed in dream expresses that you start the day with a compelling need for attention. This is a matter that you talked about a month ago and that was not clarified. It’s time to follow your own rules, even if they are not the ones in fashion. You tend to be extremely immoderate in your actions and attitudes. You are doing very well in relation to your finances.

FUTURE: Dream of egusi seed signifies that there is a change in your job that favors you collaterally. You won’t have to please others to make them happy. For love and finances, this day promises to be very good. Exteriorizing what you have inside will help you take a decisive step forward. They will value your good way of dealing with problems and fortune will be on your side.

More about Egusi Seed

Dream of seeds shows that there is a door that can be opened if you use a little bit of cunning. You will have to give your arm if you want peace in your home. You feel ready for commitment and are not afraid to express your feelings. In the evening, before dinner, you will see everything much more clearly. Your ability to seduce or to transmit positive energies increases.

Dream of egusi seed contains special messages

ADVICE: Look into the past and discover everything you have achieved so far. Let him express himself the way he wants and fulfill his goal.

WARNING: Don’t make promises you can’t keep, or say things you’ll regret. Don’t let others have a say in the outcome.

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I dreamt that i was measuring egusi melon in bowl overflowing, meaning please


I dreamt that I was with my pregnant colleague, she was measuring egusi and I was also measured two cups of egusi into a black nylon, I wanted to measure.more since the egusi was still remaining in a container, I collected transparent nylon from someone to measure more( this one was not so clean) another colleague came to meet us and the egusi wasn’t much again, I was thinking of giving her the egusi I already measured in the transparent nylon so she can have some too and and I woke up


I dream of seeing plenty unpeeled egusi seed in a room and also pack in some basket


What does it mean to select dirts from egusi and taking it to grounder to grind it for me?


I dream I was given a egusi in my dream