Dream of Shares

MEANING: Dream of shares indicates that everything new that you desire will not come into your life until you manage to detach yourself from the unnecessary. Leave doubts aside and dive into the maelstrom of your sentimental life. A walk will be something you can share with people you love. You will be in need of much love and understanding, and you will have it without asking. You are not confronting an issue from your past.

SOON: Dream of shares suggests that they say that what counts about a person is the inside, and it is true. You’re still on a roll and that translates into a lucky break you’re going to have. Perhaps it is time for you to decide to confess that secret you have not dared to tell anyone. Your self-esteem has increased a lot in the last few months, but you must keep working on yourself. Success is not what it usually seems, the exterior, but your own inner balance.

FUTURE: Dream of shares symbolises that an optimistic attitude will be essential at least in this case. Maybe it’s time to make that change in your life you’ve been thinking about for so long. In addition, you will like to consult with your partner or a person of your full confidence. Everything is solved if you calm down a little bit and don’t press so much. Your emotions are sometimes very strong and this confuses others.

ADVICE: Take advantage of this energy to enjoy your friends. You must work hard if you want your working conditions to improve.

WARNING: Pay attention to those little health ailments. Be strong and don’t lose this perspective anymore.

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I walked out of a school with the principle. My brother picked me up in a car and he said I would have 10% ownership shares and of revenue and he would have the same. My younger brother and older sister would have 50% of revenue. Then he explained that’s because she worked on the business longer (which is not true in real life).


“it is time to face reality and stop hiding behind a facade.” You saying it is weird because that is how I talk to myself …you are good! 🙂