Dream of A Name You Don’t Know

MEANING: Dream of a name you don’t know suggests that you find contentment and satisfaction in what you have. Perhaps you are lacking courage and refuse to make a stand. Don’t want to do more than your body can do, don’t exceed anything. That gives you a lot of peace of mind and increases your self-esteem. Your attitude today with a person you care about will be something arrogant.

SOON: A name you don’t know in dream expresses that your home has a lot of information about you. At last those black clouds that had settled on your sentimental life dissipate. You have an innate gift not to be intimidated by difficult situations. In any case, it is essential that you let yourself be. The time has come to fix what you didn’t fix when you should have.

FUTURE: Dream of a name you don’t know indicates that your success is guaranteed if you focus totally on what you want now. You’ll feel so good mentally that you won’t even believe it. You will manage to overcome a hard test that is related to something in your past. You will overcome any obstacles without any difficulty. Everything related to art will attract your attention.

More about A Name You Don’t Know

Dream of names signifies that getting out of it won’t be too difficult if you get involved in a task you like. Perhaps she will be relieved and take the opportunity to ask your advice. Your freedom will be above all, but measure well in what sense. You won’t mind putting all your meat back on the grill, because you are convinced of your triumph. Even if it is hard to trust someone, you will have to do it.

Dream of a name you don’t know contains special messages

ADVICE: In your free time, surround yourself with your friends. Go out with them, laugh, have fun and try to forget about everyday problems.

WARNING: Don’t refuse a meeting or a gathering even if there are people you don’t like in it. Be careful what you ingest because it could affect you.

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I’ve dreamt of a colleague from work that was dating this person, which was friends to this other work colleague and for some reason he had killed her. I’ve dreamt that I’ve confronted this person regarding justice and the murdered persons name kept popping up. This is pretty messed up and I don’t know if any of this has any meaning. However I woke up at 3:30 am and went on a quick Facebook search, found this person with the same name which is a hypnotherapist, may it be related?