Dream of An Alpaca

MEANING: Dream of an alpaca shows that do not think about him if you are on vacation and if not, try not to be so affected by what they say. Today you will have the opportunity to shine before your colleagues and your superiors. You are feeling victimized by others or by circumstances. This is a somewhat uncomfortable situation that, yes or yes, you must face. You have to define your internal motivations and define what you want from now on.

SOON: An alpaca in dream symbolises that you have been initiated into a personal growth practice that has you very excited. If you have a partner, it’s time to share more. The important thing is that you keep your word. You feel that something has changed inside. The time has come for you to take control of a situation that sometimes gets out of hand.

FUTURE: Dream of an alpaca symbolises that relations in this field will improve considerably. You will continue to manifest very positive energy. You will want to have fun in the company of your loved ones and welcome any plan they propose. Everything has a solution and you will find your own way. What you sow now will bear good fruit in the future.

Dream of an alpaca contains special messages

ADVICE: Try not to argue with the closest family, as what they tell you will be for your own good. The sooner you organize your agenda for it, the better.

WARNING: Explain to them why you can’t be by their side now and start planning that trip. Don’t leave out either your most spiritual part, the one you don’t usually care about too much.

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//Kabbo Hue

A giant vulture suddenly swooped over me, I ducked out the way and started running while it was stalking me transfixed only on me even though others were around.

I ran into a property and hid behind a fence while people living there was right next to me sitting on a bench.

The vulture found me attempted to pluck me up, but I grabbed its beak and held on for dear life. I asked the people to help they tried but the vulture was determined and used its claw to start digging into my side and I

//Kabbo Hue

My dream was filled with animals. 1st there was an Alsatian dog running next to me that stayed for a bit but then turned into a property that must of been its home or wanted me to follow it?

I moved on after contemplating it and then came across a whole heard of alpacas running round a roundabout but got alarmed and scattered when a whole traffic of cars suddenly came speeding towards them, scattering them with a truck running right over 1 without stopping.

I moved along in awe until…

del martin

a field full of Alpaca, all different colours, brown, black, white, honey coloured and mixed colours all facing left.