Dream of Colleague Crying

MEANING: Dream of colleague crying symbolises that you are holding on to old memories for fear of forgetting about them. You may need to make arrangements with other family members to distribute your time conveniently. Don’t get into an argument with a sibling or other family member who is really far away from you. Luck may allow you to resume a relationship you thought you had lost. It will cost you to give your arm in an argument that you will have, beforehand, lost.

SOON: Colleague crying in dream symbolises that you have energy in abundance, but find it difficult to use it properly. Your availability is very important at this time. Someone is around you and wants to convince you of something or sell you something. Time puts things in their place and what seems unfair or out of place is repositioned. Things are not black or white, it is you who interpret them.

FUTURE: Dream of colleague crying expresses that that reality will help you evolve personally. You will achieve financial independence if you set your mind to it. You will feel the absolute control over your body and will recover the desire to find love again. You will express yourself more fluently or easily. To regain confidence you could use a chat with a good friend.

More about Colleague Crying

Dream of crying signifies that soon you will find the meaning of the attitude of someone close. You want others to perceive the good time you are having by taking care of your image. In any case, you will feel very full and eager to advance towards that romantic dreamed goal. Your mood will be better at the end of the day. What you kept secret or silent now comes out, so that you can solve it or clarify.

Dream of colleague shows that it’s better to take it with philosophy because you can’t change those circumstances. There is an opportunity for something special at a price you can afford. You are your best ally and from now on everything will be better. Your income increases and new doors to material wealth are opened. The surprising, the unexpected will be a reason for good luck.

Dream of colleague crying contains special messages

ADVICE: Start thinking about the positives of this solution. If you are single, be selective in your choice.

WARNING: You should not insist with someone who has decided that you are out of their life. Don’t be proud and ask forgiveness from a person you know you have hurt.

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