Dream of Crying

MEANING: Dream of crying symbolises that you will also help another person to adopt a certain attitude in a difficult situation. You feel strongly the need to renew yourself both on a physical and a soul level. Try not to get too attached to your mental posture and thus avoid excessive and unnecessary friction. You will now share your joy with friends, acquaintances and those you love. You should not think twice about it if you have recently suffered a break-up.

SOON: Dream of crying means that you have an intuition to know the right time to carry out or demand something. You expected the weekend to arrive almost as much as you expected spring. Now you protect yourself much better and you are not so vulnerable to criticism and that favors you. Taking care of yourself is the most important thing, keep it in mind. Actually, that’s just a little test for you.

FUTURE: Dream of crying indicates that everything is solved if you calm down a little bit and don’t press so much. Physically you will find yourself with more strength and with the desire to move more. You shall conquer, bewitch all who enter your space. You will travel more and be requested by many. You are finally enjoying the day to day as you deserve to do.

ADVICE: Worry only about your own and look indulgently at the rest. Use technologies with care and responsibility.

WARNING: Ignore anyone who tries to turn you away from your purpose. Don’t spend your time listening to empty words or people who don’t give you anything valuable.

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