Dream of A Minotaur

MEANING: Dream of a minotaur expresses that you need to better verbalize your thoughts and feelings. Don’t commit yourself, at least today, to an obligation you may not be able to assume later. It has been a long time since you experienced a similar sensation. The more discreet you are, the better for your interests. You will be very curious now exploring strange places that others do not dare to investigate.

SOON: Dream of a minotaur indicates that things are going better than you expected and that makes you very happy. You don’t know how to act, but the best thing, for the moment, is to let the circumstances act. You’re on a roll professionally, but not personally. You are meeting someone you like a little more every day. Somehow you are aware of the influence you exert on others.

FUTURE: Dream of a minotaur expresses that you have many options for making new friends. Soon, however, a new opportunity may arise that will change the course of your life. You’ll be glad after contributing to the organization. Interests are expanding and an association with a very important partner or friend is possible. The satisfaction of having succeeded will strengthen your self-esteem and will be your best reward.

ADVICE: Try to help her by letting her know that you trust her. Focus on finishing your homework and leave aside the topics that don’t suit you.

WARNING: Do not disclose secrets or privileged information. Beware of the tendency to overload yourself with work that is not your due.

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Dream of 3 societies of people living underground and each had their own problems,1st one was living near something evil and dangerus,close but out of sight,2nd had a big steel door,as i was talking to a close friend,this hulking minotaur just charges at the door so fast i couldnt get inside and close it fast enough, it had a dripping bloody rag covering its face,it could have grabed me,but this mass of muscles behaved like a puppet,stood in front of the door like it wasnt allowed inside,3rd…


Honestly i’ve been stagnating for a while now so this looks spot on, thank you 😀