Dream of A Minotaur

MEANING: Dream of a minotaur symbolises that sometimes you focus so much on work that you forget everything you like, and that’s not good. Take back control of your life and give more freedom to those who depend on you. There are unhelpful influences if you try to do something that means others get in the way. The business world is not as easy as you thought, but you are on the right track. Value what you have and you will realize that things are not so bad.

SOON: A minotaur in dream expresses that you gradually take off and find yourself in a more lively and positive mood. Your new workplace is comfortable, but you know you can make it more enjoyable. Strategy is the important thing to save the situation. The time has come to discover your own potential. Changes are good and there is no need to face them with reluctance or fear.

FUTURE: Dream of a minotaur suggests that you will feel fulfilled and safe in your world. Luck will be with you in a new stage you are about to start. It’s a perfect day for you to go to the movies and most likely someone will propose you. Tonight you will live something very special with a person you love very much. When one sees himself reflected in others, he reflects.

Dream of a minotaur contains special messages

ADVICE: Enjoy a quiet day in the company of your family. Pay close attention to your personal appearance, as it can be of decisive importance to you.

WARNING: Don’t be so modest and let them praise you for a job well done, since you deserve it. Don’t be so sorry and go in search of the positive, of the real.

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Dream of 3 societies of people living underground and each had their own problems,1st one was living near something evil and dangerus,close but out of sight,2nd had a big steel door,as i was talking to a close friend,this hulking minotaur just charges at the door so fast i couldnt get inside and close it fast enough, it had a dripping bloody rag covering its face,it could have grabed me,but this mass of muscles behaved like a puppet,stood in front of the door like it wasnt allowed inside,3rd…