Dream of Enemy Friends

MEANING: Dream of enemy friends expresses that get out of there by yourself and don’t let others hold your happiness or your balance in their hands. Your love will now be much more spiritual than physical. You are emotionally sensitive and easily irritable. Don’t leave them aside and try to organize yourself better to be able to do them. You feel that somebody is somehow disappointed in you and in the decisions you made.

SOON: Enemy friends in dream indicates that you are whatever you want to be as long as you set your mind to it. It’s good that you try to improve, but without rushing. Now you have the opportunity to show what you can do. From time to time you like to enjoy social success and a certain admiration from those around you. You dedicate sunday to that activity for which you have no time during the week.

FUTURE: Dream of enemy friends signifies that he will listen to your suggestions, he will find them valuable. The time you will spend together will be very rewarding emotionally. If you get over it, it will be a very entertaining night. You will feel useful and will not mind changing the plans you had. You gain stability after a long personal maturation process.

More about Enemy Friends

Dream of friends signifies that you will be more effusive than usual and will not be afraid of short distances. You will want to improve and pursue your most cherished dreams. You will find a way to help him sooner than you think and he will be very grateful. You will feel very energetic and renewed in some looks you have about the circumstances. Good results will reinforce self-confidence.

Dream of enemy signifies that every union is now stronger than ever before. In the professional field, luck pushes you to win recognition. Everything will go smoothly, but you must not distrust yourself for a single second. Someone will test your creativity at work and you will succeed. You will be in high demand socially and family.

Dream of enemy friends contains special messages

ADVICE: Propose to take care of your image a little more and practice a sport that goes with your character. Try to calm your nerves and do things with order and moderation.

WARNING: If you have done everything in your power, do not martyr yourself. If you don’t talk about it again, you better not mention it.

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A relative was married , and I was took the wife as an enemy because of how I saw her. Her body was like light in the dream. A third party was there.
I tried to get myself to overcome those negative thoughts and later it turned out she was deceitful.