Dream of Holding Colleague

MEANING: Dream of holding colleague suggests that you have total control over your emotions. You have more resources at your disposal than you think to keep fighting in that delicate situation. You would certainly do well to discover new ways to relax. Think big, visualize what you want, do not hesitate and you will achieve it. Your generosity will increase during these days.

SOON: Holding colleague in dream expresses that you are old enough to make your own decisions. Maybe it’s time to be clear about who your friend is and prove it. Stocks sometimes help us more than any amount of money offered. I’m sure you have a special connection with someone. The inside of people is more important than the outside.

FUTURE: Dream of holding colleague expresses that in them you will find an escape valve to the pressure you live these days. You will have to say no to some people, but this time you have to say yes to yourself. Playing a soft sport or going to the pool will do you good. You would do very well to reserve some weekend time in planning the next months. You enter a process of reflection that will be somewhat hard, but much more enriching than you think.

More about Holding Colleague

Dream of colleague shows that you know that any exercise or diet routine you start will be excellent for your well-being. Health will improve considerably in relation to the back. One of these days you might need something urgently and it’s good to know where to look. You will be happy because you will finally finish with the purchase of gifts. You will find the emotional balance you need.

Dream of holding colleague contains special messages

ADVICE: Take it easy and try to leave space for understanding and comprehension. It’s time to listen to advice and not to be obstinate in keeping the reason.

WARNING: The family is going to demand your attention, don’t get tense if they demand some help. Do not put barriers or limits where they are not necessary.

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I got a dream like my coworker lifted me up like a kid and holding me and I am seeing him surprisingly why he is behaving like that and how easily lifted me up. later we walked and he is buying a cooking fish.

What is the meaning of this dream?