Dream of Wearing A Velvet Dress

MEANING: Dream of wearing a velvet dress signifies that you are becoming too dependent on others and using them to get what you want. Communication with someone far away will resume. For weeks a crack has been growing in your relationship. It will be nothing serious as long as you don’t have the accounts to zero. Manage your money wisely as it will also go.

SOON: Wearing a velvet dress in dream shows that putting your feet on the ground and not fantasizing is good for you, you can do it. It’s good to ask someone more experienced than you to help. Action is good and necessary, but you must learn to relax. Sometimes you feel very happy, but many other times you fall to the bottom of the well. You have been looking forward to someone you met a few weeks ago and you are very happy.

FUTURE: Dream of wearing a velvet dress symbolises that you now have what you need, both emotionally and economically. As soon as you clear your mind, you will see everything differently. You will know how to carry on the conversation without going into intimacies. If you allow it, your engine will be the illusion and enthusiasm for life. You will notice improvements in circulation and feel better in general.

More about Wearing A Velvet Dress

Dream of dresses signifies that you will regain contact with someone from your past. You will contemplate that you have done good things, perhaps more than you remember. You will be close to your family and willing to support someone who is going through a bad time. You will be like a magnet attracting love, prosperity and luck into your life. There are objects that can give you good vibrations.

Dream of velvet symbolises that you will put all your effort to make that seed develop. At work you will have to take risks if you want to keep moving forward. Everything can go better if you do your part here and now, without waiting. You will receive a communication that will hide, between the lines, a good but quite risky proposal. Someone you trust will bring you luck and good vibrations.

Dream of a velvet dress expresses that you will triumph in a social act in which you will take all the looks. The work will fill you with satisfaction, even if you don’t see it at the moment. If you don’t have a job this week, new interview opportunities are coming. You will have a stroke of luck that could change everything from one moment to the next. After a long time of job uncertainty, you may have to make some important decisions.

Dream of wearing a velvet dress contains special messages

ADVICE: Let yourself be pampered and both of you will enjoy a great and intimate day. It’s time for you to clarify your ideas regarding a matter that comes from far away.

WARNING: You must open your heart, without any hindrance or grudge. Don’t spend too much time planning activities that you may not be able to carry out later.

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