Dream of Blue Velvet Clothes

MEANING: Dream of blue velvet clothes indicates that it is very convenient that you do not mix friendship and professionalism and know how to put everything in its place. You cannot continue to neglect your health. You will feel very restless and will not know what to do or with whom to position yourself. Let him express himself and you will feel liberated. You will receive the reward you have been waiting for for a long time, and it is true that you deserve it.

SOON: Blue velvet clothes in dream suggests that even if you don’t realize it, your state of mind influences the rest of your body. An investment on your part would not be a bad idea, but you must discover where your limitations lie. You are fulfilling each and every one of your commitments and that means you are on the right track. Some words or facts shed light on a past situation for you to resolve. The best thing you can do is advise him without betraying your own ideals at any time.

FUTURE: Dream of blue velvet clothes symbolises that you have to rethink many things and change attitudes. Your mood is up, it’s very good, and you’re doing your part to make it better. In addition, a phone conversation will bring you pleasant or positive information. In the afternoon, a conversation with a friend will make you laugh. You will understand it quickly and well and they will be satisfied with you.

More about Blue Velvet Clothes

Dream of clothes suggests that if you have a partner, things will go smoothly between you. You will love the person you love with great detail. Love will work from the side of mutual support. A period of fewer complications and more fun begins for you, you deserve it. Some family members will have to make changes that will affect the rest of the family.

Dream of velvet symbolises that this will cause certain tensions to arise but everything will be resolved without major consequences. Your strong, active and independent personality will impact many. Observing will be fundamental to see what movements you make. You will know how to enjoy more of the simple pleasures that life gives you. You will know how to defend yourself and how to obtain victory.

Dream of blue clothes indicates that even if you don’t think so, it will be very rewarding for you too. You will overcome challenges, problems and difficulties. You will be more romantic, seductive and attractive than ever. You will have to organize yourself better and look for moments of intimacy with her. Taking the air will do you good, even if it’s just a short walk.

Dream of blue velvet clothes contains special messages

ADVICE: Before making a decision, carefully analyze all options, taking into account all other opinions. Find your motivation within and think about the benefits for your health and wellbeing.

WARNING: Don’t be in a hurry, but at the same time take action and don’t stand still. Better not to give it any importance, since there is no real reason to be angry.

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