Dream of Dresses

MEANING: Dream of dresses signifies that if you have been having problems in love, now everything will be better. You will do more in less time since everything positive is accentuated today. You should not judge him for that, but for your current relationship with this person. Your partner will unconsciously hurt your feelings. You will succeed in imposing your criteria, you exercise leadership very well.

SOON: Dream of dresses signifies that the time has come to make important decisions regarding work. It’s time to recover your self-esteem and grow. You are at a very good time to do what seemed impossible before. You are convinced that it is urgent to go beyond materialistic consumerism in the world. It’s time to take action and give up all excuses.

FUTURE: Dream of dresses suggests that you are giving a lot and deserve to receive a lot. Still, you will stay in the background and go home soon. An acquaintance will give you a very valuable key so you can easily increase your income. Your health will be excellent and will allow you to pose new challenges. Everything will be solved before you want to agree.

ADVICE: Hold your peace of mind and spirit as sacred. If you need it, you must claim space from your partner.

WARNING: Don’t keep looking for a solution to a problem that sooner or later will be solved. Select well so as not to demand too much of your body and fall into unflattering fatigue.

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