Dream of Walking On Wet Grass

MEANING: Dream of walking on wet grass symbolises that you are desperate to escape from a situation. Today you will have a hard day at work, but you will succeed. If you have a date, dinner or celebration you will certainly be the center of attention. Leave everything to chance, let everything arise spontaneously without any planning on your part. Today you may be surprised by some work issues that may be difficult to handle.

SOON: Walking on wet grass in dream signifies that you make some personal, intimate decision that moves you forward. You are overcoming the problems you have had lately in your relationships with your partner. You have finally decided to take care of yourself and do more than just work. It’s time for you to learn to be your best friend. The less medication you take without medical advice, the better.

FUTURE: Dream of walking on wet grass suggests that a trip, near or far, will make this weekend unforgettable. Everything will be fine in relation to your health, but you must continue to take care of it. Someone can pay you back a debt and that will clear the economic horizon. Maybe it’s a first idea about a future that could bring you a lot of happiness. Once you are brave and act decisively, everything will be fine.

More about Walking On Wet Grass

Dream of grass indicates that you will not trust too much and will ask for explanations and the more you ask, the better. On this day you will get something that will satisfy you for a long time. In those relationships where there was doubt, now peace and trust reign. You can advance to fertile ground that you have yet to discover. Recent events in your work environment may mean some change in your routine.

Dream of wet grass signifies that life will put you in the right place to have new experiences. You will discover aspects of his personality unknown to you until now. You can even afford to be a little eccentric. A setback will force you to give your best. In the future you will move in this direction.

Dream of walking on wet grass contains special messages

ADVICE: If you are single, open up to meet someone. Value again the possibility of giving a new chance to someone you have loved.

WARNING: You must change this attitude as someone may use it against you. Don’t pressure your loved one if you want that relationship to last.

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