Dream of Grass

MEANING: Dream of grass means that it will not be too easy because you will have to convince many people that you are right. The crisis is everywhere, but you must know your value in the company. The winds of good luck are now blowing in your favor. Don’t be afraid of loneliness, because deep down it means a certain liberation. Someone very close to you wants to control or dominate you to have you as a toy at their feet.

SOON: Dream of grass shows that sometimes, going unnoticed is the best policy. This solidarity motivates you to face the beginning of the year, which is a little hard. The solution is close and simple, but to find it you must spend time in solitude. It’s best to focus on who you want to be. You want someone to value your skills, so empower them on the outside.

FUTURE: Dream of grass symbolises that any investment you make now will be of great benefit whether in assets or otherwise. The more flexible you are, the kinder your environment will be. Family can be a pretty safe place this day. You will live an excellent time at a sentimental level. That will make you feel very good about yourself and that others will value your affection much more.

ADVICE: Cultivate in yourself the qualities you would like the other person to have. Think that the best thing you can do for yourself is to rethink those habits.

WARNING: Don’t get upset if something doesn’t go your way. Don’t go around a love that has already passed and won’t come back.

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