Dream of Trees

MEANING: Dream of trees shows that you have been acting in a childish manner. Smile even when one of your classmates shows very unfair behavior towards you. You may be going through a spiritual learning experience. Your good mood will be like a magnet to attract happy and positive people to your life. You will feel special because a person you have little confidence in will show his or her appreciation.

SOON: Dream of trees means that you feel nostalgia for what is ending, but at the same time hope for what is coming. If you do not have a partner, the possibility of finding the ideal person is very high. You are as young as your desires and as old as your memories. There is a person who has changed his attitude towards you. Life is a path of no return and you are doing very well.

FUTURE: Dream of trees signifies that you will shine above others without making noise. Union, happiness and love will not be missing in your sentimental life. Then you will feel better because there will be nothing important. Someone will give you advice that you should follow to the letter. Unexpected business opportunities may soon open up that could make you prosper.

ADVICE: Don’t listen to criticism because you are doing the right thing. Pay attention to anything that means numbers, accounts or documents of responsibility.

WARNING: Be more permissive and do not react abruptly or it will be worse for you. Try to make this streak pass as soon as possible because it can be harmful to your career.

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