Dream of Text Message

MEANING: Dream of text message signifies that you need to get rid of the old in order to welcome in the new and better. Whatever it is, enjoy it without thinking about tomorrow, living every moment. Review some of your last performances and analyze if you have left any loose fringe. You will have something important to celebrate today and you can do it in the company of your friends and acquaintances. Seeks to be less individualistic and shows interest in the work of others.

SOON: Text message in dream means that that each one has his space and his plot of intimacy is not only not bad, but it is healthy. Worries at work are being removed, at least for the time being. It’s time to grow up, to move forward, to set difficult goals that are hard to reach. You recover a love situation that was a little deteriorated. You manage to finish a matter that has brought you back to the past.

FUTURE: Dream of text message expresses that the time has come to take the initiative in everything and make new plans for the future. You will pour all your creativity on an artistic project that will finally start to take shape. A problem will arise that you did not count on, but it will disappear as quickly as it arrived. You will jump like a spring to solve a legal or economic issue of a relative. When you do, you will feel much more liberated from burdens.

More about Text Message

Dream of message suggests that certain people are about to come into your life to enrich it. When you come back you will find surprises, so be careful. Sharing time or fun with young people will do you good, it will refresh you. Everything will be solved before you want to agree. Your open mind will make you a special person among others, and you will establish new bonds.

Dream of a text symbolises that you will get to it with the maximum illusion and the results will be very positive. The children, if you have them, will give you some fun times and you will enjoy with them. Defining your professional goals will lead to better projects. The proposal made to you a few days ago will finally materialize. In the evening you can have a very intimate and liberating conversation with a good friend.

Dream of text message contains special messages

ADVICE: Wake up, you have to see the reality that the veil of illusion does not let you see. Overcomes prejudices and learns to see the positive in the matter.

WARNING: Put off until tomorrow any task that involves physical or intellectual. You should not listen to those people who only know how to see the negative side of situations.

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I was typing to send my ex husband a message, and at the same time, he was writing. I sent him a message, and immediatley responded, “you like spending time with me, being around me, etc…but you dont want to be with me.” someting like this.