Dream of Someone Alive Dead

MEANING: Dream of someone alive dead indicates that covetousness can be your worst temptation and stubbornness your most pointed out defect. You are lacking an emotional component to your dreams. It will be someone very interesting and you will find complicity and intellectual understanding at first sight. The circumstances around you also affect your feelings. Talk to someone you trust who can give you some interesting suggestions.

SOON: Dream of someone alive dead signifies that the struggle to achieve your dreams is something that only belongs to you. Dreams, your unconscious, are able to give you more clear-cut answers than you think. Perhaps it is better that you do it alone, without being aware of anyone. You’ve been working too many days in a row and it’s time to take a well-deserved break. Your intimate relationships intensify and passion comes out.

FUTURE: Dream of someone alive dead indicates that you will find the ways to get out ahead in the best way for you. You recover something important for the relationship. You will do well if you eliminate toxins with green tea or horsetail infusions. You will be lucky in what you start now, since any kind of initiative will be well aspect. If you call a friend, he’ll probably be happy to meet you and have a chat.

ADVICE: Start detailing what is really important to you, and then go for it. Listen and meditate and then settle the matter and forgive yourself.

WARNING: Care in the economic field, black clouds are looming on your financial horizon. Be careful to avoid susceptibility in the couple or family for a passing fancy.

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