Dream of Green Boots

MEANING: Dream of green boots indicates that your heart has something to tell you about the next step you will take on a professional level. You will also meet or be told about someone you do not know who will arouse your interest. It will be good for you and you can even take the opportunity to visit an older loved one. You’ve gotten away with it many times and now you can’t protest in labor matters. The conclusions you reach will have a great echo among those who listen to you.

SOON: Green boots in dream expresses that it’s time to evaluate what you are really interested in for the future. From now on, a new way of approaching things accompanies you. What you really need is a clear vision about the issue. The best investment you can make right now is in yourself. Relaxing and having a good time prevails.

FUTURE: Dream of green boots suggests that others will accept you when you accept yourself. You will get through it, but you must work without throwing in the towel. You will now face rare and mysterious experiences. You will not be afraid to say what you think or what your expectations are. You will feel an inner transformation that will lead you to act differently in different areas.

More about Green Boots

Dream of boots expresses that you leave behind the negative energies and face this new stage with illusion and optimism. Everything will be fine, so your courage will be more than rewarded. You will have to stay centered at least for a while in the morning. In the afternoon they will propose a plan that you will love to carry out. When they do, they will respect and love you a little more.

Dream of green boots contains special messages

ADVICE: Enjoy to the fullest and get all that positive energy you miss so much during the week. Be flexible with your colleagues’ mistakes and try to reach out to everyone who asks you.

WARNING: Remember that you don’t have to give others explanations about your own life. Stay away from sources of conflict or overly ambitious and untrustworthy people.

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