Dream of Boots

MEANING: Dream of boots suggests that you need to exercise care in some fragile situation. A friend you haven’t talked to in a while will knock on your door. Your intuition will tell you to say no to something that might at first seem very attractive. You have lost your way or direction in life. A new work project will fill you with energy and enthusiasm, but in the next few days something will go wrong.

SOON: Dream of boots expresses that success and happiness are now at your side. She thinks they are very important for her. If you feel lonely you might be tempted to call someone you have already forgotten. Your effort and the wait have been worthwhile. You have the ability to do so within yourself, but you must strive to find it.

FUTURE: Dream of boots symbolises that you will be able to buy that car or motorcycle you want in a short period of time. Your superiors will make you a tempting offer. A person who had walked away comes back to you and you won’t mind trying a relationship again. You will be the one to take the initiative and speak clearly on the subject. You will give priority to everything that has to do with the family unit.

ADVICE: If you like risk, go for a trip that includes multiadventure activities. You should be a little more open and sincere, it will not give you bad results.

WARNING: Don’t expect everyone to give you reason if you don’t. Don’t stop listening to the signs of life.

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