Dream of Getting Ready For A Function

MEANING: Dream of getting ready for a function means that you need to be more receptive towards the guidance or criticism of others. You will know how to act according to your principles, but without getting angry or breaking communication bridges. You will know how to follow any topic of conversation. Don’t let yourself be carried away by feelings from the past that no longer serve to make you happy. Be careful if that person or persons are not used to exercise.

SOON: Dream of getting ready for a function shows that you are hungry to experience other realities. Fantasies are something inherent to these natives. A new love or a new friendship enriches your existence. That’s why you must put into practice your charms and your sociability. Now it’s time to adjust to what you really have.

FUTURE: Dream of getting ready for a function indicates that with time you will see everything from another perspective. A reunion with someone from the past will change everything. A strong feeling of individuality returns. You may discover everything through a text message. Even if her concerns persist, you will find a way to make her feel better.

ADVICE: Set yourself limits, especially when it comes to the cell phone. If you are in your city, be careful with the people you talk to.

WARNING: Get rid of responsibilities that don’t belong to you. If that happens, don’t mark distances to make yourself interesting.

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