Dream of Clothes

MEANING: Dream of clothes shows that think about whether you should not spend some time with an older relative who misses you. You need to feel more than ever that you are heard and taken into account. You have within you all the wisdom necessary to continue taking the steps you are called to take. Don’t be obsessed with something you heard yesterday that was a bit accidental. Channel your energy, which is at very high levels today, through exercise.

SOON: Dream of clothes symbolises that money is for improving your quality of life. There is an important physical renewal and you renew the desire to move and the energy. It’s a good idea to propose that you go out and celebrate in style. You are astute in devising plans to improve your financial situation. Every once in a while it doesn’t hurt to do something different that involves a certain chill.

FUTURE: Dream of clothes shows that economic problems begin to change and you slowly recover from a bump. Certain fears from the past will reappear due to a somewhat restless sleep or nightmare. You can get the money you need for a certain project or business sooner than you think. Everything is solved and that will leave you much more calm and happy. You will be sure of yourself, you will forget the doubts.

ADVICE: You have to know how to listen to people with experience. Forget about certain obsessions that keep you in a lot of tension and look for harmony.

WARNING: Don’t let what others think condition your actions in a clear and forceful way. Try not to overdo it with food or alcohol.

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