Dream of Big Tray

MEANING: Dream of big tray expresses that you will find it difficult to make a greater commitment to your partner, especially if you have recently been together. Today you are filled, you are saturated with power, with strength to fight for what is yours. Try to observe their attitudes, because they will give you more valuable clues than you suppose. You are getting caught up in your own guilt. You are unable to maintain a straight face and are about to be exposed.

SOON: Dream of big tray expresses that some agreements you had pending with other people some time ago are closed. You have been able to solve them and it is not a question of you blaming yourself. You are anxious for physical and emotional rest and now is the time to achieve it. Sometimes you wonder if you did the right thing. You feel very happy and content and you don’t know why.

FUTURE: Dream of big tray symbolises that if you give in, you will feel better afterwards and the reward will be a good surprise. You will see the love reflected in every person, in every living thing. In addition, by phone or by email, you will receive a notice that you have been waiting for. A new way of seeing the world will open up before you. Harmony comes from the stability you have with your partner or those with whom you relate.

ADVICE: Use the energy you emanate to get closer to your partner. Explain in a loving way what you want to tell him and then accept his reaction whatever it is.

WARNING: Don’t leave your happiness in the hands of others. Put your senses on alert and draw conclusions.

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