Dream of An Idiot

MEANING: Dream of an idiot shows that if you do your best you will soon see how everything changes in an easy and positive way for your life. At work, don’t leave anything half done or tomorrow the mess will be bigger. Also the return to the routine will facilitate you to recover the positions of before the vacations. There are countless plans, projects and ideas springing from your mind. A crazy weekend awaits you, where passion and experiences of all kinds will not be lacking.

SOON: Dream of an idiot suggests that fears can block you, but you know you are strong, as you have proven to yourself many times. We all run the risk of being misunderstood at some point. Wasting time is not a bad thing, even if it seems so. Perhaps it is time to carry out the reform you have been delaying. You have met someone who interests you, but you don’t know if the feeling is reciprocal.

FUTURE: Dream of an idiot suggests that the bonds will be very strong in friendship, unions and associations. You are starting a new stage and you must do it without any pending accounts. You are increasingly aware of the things around you. In addition, a friend will give you some news that can help you solve a professional situation. In addition, vitality and good luck will not be lacking at this time, quite high.

ADVICE: Think that nothing bad can happen to you and that you have no obligation or debt to that person. Bury your fears and insecurities and become strong in every sense of the word.

WARNING: Don’t stay home if you get any suggestions for fun or social gatherings. Avoid getting into trouble because it doesn’t suit you.

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