Dream of Xylophone

MEANING: Dream of xylophone expresses that you could use some organization in many aspects of your life. Misdirection or laziness would leave you in a bad place and you should not risk a bad image. Don’t play dumb and go to a specialist at the slightest symptom. You need to make some changes in how you approach your goals. Don’t fall into the game that a co-worker will try to take you to.

SOON: Dream of xylophone suggests that your economic situation is not very good, precisely. Afternoon is presented as familiar by an unexpected visit. You are faithful to your friends and confident, but sometimes in excess. You are beginning to question some things that until recently you had not dared. You come to final decisions on what is right or wrong for you.

FUTURE: Dream of xylophone symbolises that you will celebrate good news in the company of your family or close friends. Charitable works will greatly cleanse your soul. You will have to accept things as they come. You could start a relationship with someone you are attracted to or build one that is nascent. Someone from your past could provide you with valuable information.

ADVICE: Stop and think about what you want in your life and get on with it. Keep giving your best and happiness will always go with you.

WARNING: Until you know for sure don’t make any decisions. You don’t have to keep hooked on something you can’t change anymore.

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