Dream of Trolls

MEANING: Dream of trolls symbolises that you deserve a rest and you can arrange everything to take the day with all the calm of the world. Today you will notice something off-center and clumsy and you could suffer some kind of domestic accident. There are still many days to go and you will have the chance to go over it again and again until it is perfect. A change in the home is coming, which could be furniture, painting or even a move. Your strength and inner power are doubled.

SOON: Dream of trolls indicates that deep down you know it’s your responsibility. After all, everyone is free to express his or her opinion. The important thing is that we act accordingly. You have proven that this patience gives you good results and that is why it is your way of acting. There are habits that benefit you and others that harm you.

FUTURE: Dream of trolls signifies that in the afternoon it would be good if you spent some time to relax. Your libido will be very high and you will feel like a night of passion and debauchery. You will live true adventures and you will be able to turn into reality a long caressed dream. It’s not going to be an easy task, but your partner will be willing to work hard if necessary. Some people will feel an irresistible attraction to you, as if a magnet were pulling them.

ADVICE: Involve a family member in that task, it will be very useful. You must take one more step towards the life you want so that your dreams can come true.

WARNING: Don’t be afraid of anything and go for it. Beware of believing what you really are not.

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