Dream of Speaking French

MEANING: Dream of speaking french symbolises that nothing serious will happen, but you will have to show your self-control not to mess up. Call friends you haven’t seen in a while. You must trust yourself, whatever happens, and whatever you do. Generosity, especially to family members, could lead to abuse by some. There is some emotional issue that you need to deal with instead of letting it clog up within you.

SOON: Dream of speaking french shows that you are doing great with a friend who needs your help more than ever. You are going through a stage where you are too individualistic. You begin to notice that your home is becoming more comfortable. You are now interested in finding an ally around you. It’s time for you to enjoy, without further ado, what life has to offer.

FUTURE: Dream of speaking french signifies that you will volunteer to work overtime as long as you are not with your family all the time. A friend is going to give you some very important news that will make you feel proud of him. At first you will be reluctant, but then you will realize that it has a lot to offer. In any case, you will learn something new. You will exploit your intellectual capacity and amaze with your loquacity.

ADVICE: Pay attention to intuition, to what is not seen with the naked eye. Adjusts every decision to the reality of the present moment.

WARNING: Try to tiptoe through a day when the tension can almost be cut with a knife. Try to organize the suitcase with calm and attention or you could forget something very important.

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