Dream of Olive Tree

MEANING: Dream of olive tree means that you need to cultivate a new skill or nurture your spiritual and personal growth. You need to reevaluate major aspects of your life. Your body works like clockwork, don’t look for ghosts where there are none. Your need to help others is exalted and this makes you susceptible to the evil of some. An argument you had with a loved one still resonates inside your head.

SOON: Olive tree in dream expresses that you deserve another chance on sentimental issues. Sometimes it’s worth breaking down emotional barriers that don’t really serve any purpose. Believe it or not, it is fundamental for you, to be happy. After all, you’ve already made the decision. This process of personal evolution is very positive.

FUTURE: Dream of olive tree means that this will make you stronger and wiser in life. Someone will surprise you very positively. The job opportunity you’ve been waiting for may come up. Everything will come in due time, you will see. A crazy weekend awaits you, where passion and experiences of all kinds will not be lacking.

More about Olive Tree

Dream of trees signifies that children will be present in your life in some way. You need to be physically active and you will see how comforting it is to be active. Finally everything will go smoothly and it will be one of the most important journeys of your life. Although his healing is not in your hands, you will try to help him as much as you can. In a family conversation a secret that had been hidden for decades will be revealed.

Dream of olive tree contains special messages

ADVICE: If you have to choose, do it for the people who need it most. Think positive and about all you have been through to get where you are.

WARNING: Don’t trust someone who suddenly treats you in a very friendly way. Those friendships that monopolize all your attention should be aware of your priorities.

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