Dream of Monkey

MEANING: Dream of monkey expresses that beware of imposing your times on others. Your work situation is stable and you are financially well. Now you can realize dreams and achieve seemingly impossible. Your problem is that sometimes you are too scattered. You will have to overcome some personal crisis that will not be long.

SOON: Dream of monkey suggests that it’s up to you to start the path to a happier life. You are in your social peak, many invitations and a lot of celebration. Your attitude is important if you want to transform your own reality. Rest is vital for a good recovery after a very tense week. Lessons on how to take care of yourself are learned.

FUTURE: Dream of monkey expresses that a little more generosity with friends won’t hurt. Everything will resolve itself in the best way. You will be very happy with the way things turn out. You could become the leader of this negotiation process. The presence of love will become latent as you will have someone very special by your side.

ADVICE: Take advantage of this creativity to open a blog or publish your stories in social networks. For you to get everything you want you need to enjoy the road.

WARNING: Don’t rush to make decisions or command something or someone you don’t know well. You must lose all that mistrust that sometimes grips you.

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