Dream of Having Leukemia

MEANING: Dream of having leukemia means that in spite of everything, don’t stop trying the market and don’t rule out taking advantage of the contacts you have. Don’t take unnecessary risks even if short trips seem harmless. You are afraid to reveal your true feelings and don’t want to let people in. Your social circle increases with people of great influence and power. If it is the couple, he will forgive you because deep down he knows you didn’t mean it.

SOON: Dream of having leukemia suggests that you are running a business or a job with a lot of effort. You have a trip scheduled for this weekend. You stand out for your courage and determined efforts to make changes in your environment. Fantasies are something inherent to these natives. Someone very close to you needs your help.

FUTURE: Dream of having leukemia shows that you will want to enjoy the home, and even a time when you do nothing but relax. A little exercise and a healthy diet will help you regain your lost balance. You get solutions for something you didn’t think would be fixed so soon. You will be the center of attention and you will be able to perform like a fish in water. You will share intense moments and feel at peace.

ADVICE: Take an oil bath so that everything slides off at once. Decide who you would like to have dinner with and make your evening unique and magical.

WARNING: Don’t refuse an invitation to a lunch or dinner from an old acquaintance. Don’t take it badly and recognize that that person knows more than you do about a subject or issue.

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