Dream of Guru

MEANING: Dream of guru means that with a little patience and knocking on the right doors you will be able to solve it. Try to put yourself in their place, don’t throw wood on the fire and give them time. A new project or relationship is taking off. Pay attention and care in everything you have to do. For some time you have been liking a person who is not yet aware of your feelings.

SOON: Dream of guru symbolises that their needs, their health is very important to you. She is not bad and you have to know how to value the positive things about her. Everything indicates that you are ready to enjoy to the fullest. The wisest thing is to dedicate yourself to rest, to replenish your strength. It’s a great time to meet new people and renew old friendships.

FUTURE: Dream of guru shows that everything you invent or create will be interesting to others. A time of solitude will be perfect for this. These days you will have good relations at work. They will accept them and the waters will return to their course. The decision you have made is the right one, as you will see next month.

ADVICE: Attempts to apply a practical method in spiritual goals. Explain in a friendly way that you simply listen to the proposals.

WARNING: Avoid catching the worries of someone bordering on hypochondria. Don’t cling to any preconceived ideas, relax.

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