Dream of Dead Guru

MEANING: Dream of dead guru symbolises that it will be a day full of commitments and your personal charm will attract a lot of admirers. A persistent and painful headache will follow you throughout most of the day. A personal problem is consuming your energies. You have been working very hard and you deserve the results you are getting. A relationship with someone you’ve known for a long time is going to take a major turn.

SOON: Dead guru in dream means that perhaps it is the ideal moment, if there is a boss on vacation, to close a deal advantageous to you. It’s time for you to step forward, and you know full well that to do so you will have to be brave. Being kind and considerate to the one next to us is a prerequisite for progress. Monotony better be the predominant note for a while. You keep meeting a person who appeared in your life in a somewhat mysterious way.

FUTURE: Dream of dead guru means that your way of being will bring romance and fun into your life. Somehow you are in the hands of destiny, but it plays in your favor. You will receive a message that will make you very happy and that will make your day totally bright. Your plans for the weekend involve having someone you are very fond of. All you can do is listen and accept the other person’s inner process.

More about Dead Guru

Dream of guru expresses that in addition, they can offer you to participate in a very interesting business. Your partner, if you have one, will understand. Incredible experiences and adventures will happen that will change your perception of things. That will generate good vibrations, use them for your interests. You will go after that which gives you security in both the emotional and material aspects.

Dream of dead guru contains special messages

ADVICE: Visit that place that brings you so many good memories. Be compassionate and try not to judge him and you will solve the conflict.

WARNING: Ignore those comments that come to your ears about what you should or should not do in your life. Beware of excessive ambition, which is transforming your way of thinking and acting.

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