Dream of Gunshot

MEANING: Dream of gunshot expresses that be very careful today when you go on the street or you could fall or have a small accident. If you stay cold and don’t let your ego carry you away, things will go much more smoothly. You cannot have a magic life if you refuse to believe in magic. Apologize if you have offended someone and try to go unnoticed for the rest of the day. You can’t demand more of yourself than you are right now.

SOON: Dream of gunshot indicates that the world is uncertain and it is good that it is so. You dedicate sunday to that activity for which you have no time during the week. After all, everyone has the right to be wrong. Your happiness does not depend on others, it depends exclusively on you. Your happiness depends on the choices you make.

FUTURE: Dream of gunshot suggests that you will receive an invitation to an event that will make you very excited. Only this way you will be sure to take the real reins. Everything will get better if you keep trying your best, but you must be patient. Everything that means popularity will attract your attention and awaken your interest. You will be lucky because you will find someone very kind who will help you a lot.

ADVICE: You should be prudent and review your accounts before squandering your savings. Take the advice of a friend to forget about an issue that no longer has a solution.

WARNING: Perhaps, you should consider changing certain aspects of your life that do not satisfy you. Don’t think that something can go wrong from the beginning because that is not true.

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