Dream of Friends

MEANING: Dream of friends signifies that living the present is what you have to think about today. You need to be honest not only with yourself, but also with others. Of course it is worthwhile to clear up a still somewhat murky situation with a colleague. Many loving feelings will move today or in the next few days. If you live in a cold area protect yourself, you will need.

SOON: Dream of friends symbolises that the christmas spirit has taken hold of you. It’s okay to look out for your own, but think that others have their share too. The best way to overcome this is to do what makes you both enjoy. You already have all the success you need to be happy, but it seems you always want more. You’ve charged up your batteries this vacation and are facing each new challenge with more optimism.

FUTURE: Dream of friends signifies that you will want to set realistic goals and not leave open fronts. Your health will thank you and you will lower your stress level. A certain person gives you an excuse to go on with what you want or go on a date. More fluid communication and spending more time together will make you feel more united. Someone close to you will help you a lot if you ask.

ADVICE: You know who is right, so this time you must position yourself and come to their defense. If you are not happy with your image, you should consider what to do.

WARNING: You should dose your cell phone usage and get closer to those around you. Don’t be proud and listen to the rest of the opinions.

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