Dream of Crying For The Dead

MEANING: Dream of crying for the dead suggests that you are trying to figure out your life path. You enjoy being the center of attention. Be careful not to spend more than you have already planned. Try to be attentive to a person who misses you when they are away. Something will happen in your life that will cheer you up and inspire you from different points of view.

SOON: Dream of crying for the dead expresses that you don’t care because you are helping one of your best friends and you do it gladly. Self-motivation at work is your best weapon. You taste something that you love to do and that you like to share with people close to you. Your love is true, but remember that love is watered every day. It’s about listening to yourself and coming to your own conclusions.

FUTURE: Dream of crying for the dead symbolises that at work, you will improve your relationship with a colleague with whom you did not understand. You will think about starting new disciplines or studies that will be very interesting. You might know someone who dazzles you with their beauty or their magnetism. Your life is going to take a giant turn soon, but for now you must stay calm. You will taste it a lot and the memory you will have will be very special.

ADVICE: Be strong, believe in yourself and don’t stray from what interests you most. Acknowledge that in the last few weeks she has been the one who has adapted to you the most.

WARNING: Don’t let something you’re excited about become a problem. Better live the present, don’t try to plan for the future.

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