Dream of Container

MEANING: Dream of container means that make changes in your personal appearance, get fashionable, renew yourself and enjoy. He will thank you and you will find yourself rewarded in some way. If you are at the age of conception and having offspring enter into your plans, it may be a good time. At work you will speak clearly and have positive responses. You are always putting others ahead of your own needs.

SOON: Dream of container expresses that you do not let yourself be influenced by anything or anyone in matters of aesthetics or fashion. It’s time to start over and take on new challenges. You love to spend all your free time signing up for courses and workshops. Action is good and necessary, but you must learn to relax. There are easy ways to convince a person to do something you really want to do.

FUTURE: Dream of container indicates that maybe it’s going to a spa or something superficial like shopping. You will be very focused on all that with good tone and enjoying it. Details will be important in any situation. You are about to complete the puzzle you have been working on for so long. Everything will be fine, but don’t forget to reserve some time for reflection.

ADVICE: Remember that you must always fan the flame of love. Then, react, move on, do something that is good for you.

WARNING: You have to learn to trust people more now, even if it costs you. Don’t sink into a glass of water or it will be much worse for everyone.

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