Dream of Colours

MEANING: Dream of colours signifies that take a chance and embark on new adventures. It won’t be exactly what you expected, but you won’t go wrong. You are unlocking the answer to some problem. If you have a partner, he will most likely make you a very tempting proposal. You put forth a tough image, but are sensitive on the inside.

SOON: Dream of colours means that it’s time to move forward on your own path faster than you have so far. True love needs time because it needs to be cared for. Your talents are unique and when you bring them out you are happiest. You enjoy a beauty much more powerful than the external one, but you hardly see it. The best thing for him is that you are honest and brave.

FUTURE: Dream of colours means that if you consider it necessary to tell her something, you will have time to do it another day. You’ll be worried about having a possible visit that, deep down, you don’t want to receive. In the afternoon they will propose a plan that you will love to carry out. When the festivities are over, normality will come again. The best will come when you decide to be yourself.

ADVICE: Remember that nothing is impossible, but each problem requires a different solution. Study, excel in everything, it is never too late to realize our dreams.

WARNING: If someone else lets you down, let him or her down. Don’t get involved, but be aware of where you are.

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