Dream of Child

MEANING: Dream of child signifies that your ego will be empowered today and you will feel it very clearly. Laziness beats you too many times lately and that is not good. You will feel loved and appreciated and your partner will prove it to you. You will be thinking about an economic issue that interests you, perhaps related to your savings. You are not expressing yourself effectively.

SOON: Dream of child shows that it’s good for you to break the routine and walk among strangers. Whatever you do, the most important thing is that you spend quality time with your family. The storm is already passing as far as your emotional life is concerned. Knowing oneself means having the ability to improve. It’s okay to take care of yourself a little and change some unhealthy habits.

FUTURE: Dream of child suggests that nothing and no one can throw you off your path if you keep your focus on what really matters to you. All that restlessness you have inside you become something creative and useful. Artistic, spiritual, cultured people will beautify and enrich your life. You will receive the support of the bosses who will value your effort more than you think. You will surprise those closest to you too much with your attitude.

ADVICE: The advice of an older person could be of great help to you with your experience. You should incorporate sport into your daily life.

WARNING: If you don’t feel like doing something, don’t feel guilty, you have time to do it later. Accept that this cannot be changed because you have acquired that responsibility.

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