Dream of Chewing Plastic

MEANING: Dream of chewing plastic expresses that you will be very attentive to a family member who is going through a special time today in terms of health. Take care of your body as the temple of the spirit. You are filling a social void in your life. Passion is exalted so be careful of jealousy, being possessive or having a bad temper. You will start the day with strength and enthusiasm and get everything you want today.

SOON: Dream of chewing plastic signifies that there are many opportunities waiting for you. The only important thing is that you be coherent and integral with yourself. Getting a little bored, sometimes, is a health cure. Your ambitions grow and with them your efforts to achieve the best. Deep down you know that there is nothing to fear regarding your economic future.

FUTURE: Dream of chewing plastic means that a journey is approaching in which you will experience new sensations that you did not know. All this is going to be very positive and hopeful. You will like to have fun and say yes to life. You gain in self-confidence and in knowing how to extract the positive from any situation. If it’s a child related issue, you’ll fight to fix everything you can.

ADVICE: Take advantage of your imagination and you will see that things are coming out little by little. Seek information to keep that plan on budget.

WARNING: Avoid toxic foods such as white sugar or industrial baked goods. Fear of the unknown no longer impedes your success.

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