Dream of Cartel

MEANING: Dream of cartel signifies that in any case, it will be a pleasant day in every way, take advantage of it. You have made a negative choice in some important matter. At a family lunch or dinner, someone will provoke a somewhat unpleasant discussion. Some confusion of feelings may arise. Alone or with someone else’s support you can start it up now.

SOON: Dream of cartel means that you do not usually express your emotions and feelings very easily. Profession, partner, friends are important points for you. The weekend is to enjoy the free time and rest. Now it’s time to boost your virtues to recover it. You have made a decision that implies a strong change in your habits or way of life.

FUTURE: Dream of cartel symbolises that if you dialogue and agree, you will get it. Going to the country will be positive for your mood. You will receive a call that, at first, will seem very promising. You will find time to meet friends and renew the bonds of friendship. You must stay calm because you will be able to solve it.

ADVICE: If you are still grieving over a recent breakup, allow yourself to be sad. Become that joyful, happy and passionate person.

WARNING: Take some distance from the problems around you or your health will suffer a lot. You need to make some changes in your life, but you will not succeed if you are not aware.

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