Dream of Camouflaging

MEANING: Dream of camouflaging signifies that you are shielding yourself from heartbreak. You are trying to overcome an overwhelming obstacle. A little more effort is what will push you out of the hole. Your wishes and traditions may not match and you fear bad faces. You will remember what things you love to do and you will recover the inner joy you thought you had forgotten.

SOON: Dream of camouflaging shows that this aspect is good for sports, political and travel related activities. The more sociable you are, the better, because there lies your strength, your greatest ability. Your path is cleared and a smile appears on your face. There are more important values and that is what you have to work on right now. It’s time to take action and give up all excuses.

FUTURE: Dream of camouflaging shows that the affections of these people will surround you and that will feed your spirit positively. Practicing any physical activity will be very beneficial. Travel for work purposes will be very important. You will work with a new partner who will make your life easier, there will be good understanding. You will fully enjoy intimacy and know how to give your best without fear of rejection.

ADVICE: If you feel you need to take some time off, ask your partner. You should assess what expenses you are having and act accordingly.

WARNING: You don’t have to believe certain negative evaluations. Don’t fall back into mistakes you’ve already made.

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