Dream of Breaking Glass Window

MEANING: Dream of breaking glass window shows that a person from outside your usual environment will bring you luck. You have made a startling new discovery about yourself and your capabilities. You may be involved in a misunderstanding between two friends. A relaxed conversation with someone you are interested in would also be helpful. You need to do some serious thinking about your goals and directions in life.

SOON: Breaking glass window in dream indicates that getting a little bored, sometimes, is a health cure. Your own personal evolution requires taking a step further in your inner growth. Although you pretended to sleep late, you woke up too early. You can tell him clearly what you feel and then listen to his arguments carefully. It’s time for you to let go of what you can’t do anything about so you can focus on yourself.

FUTURE: Dream of breaking glass window symbolises that a chance meeting can open a door to a business you hadn’t thought of. Love is found in your workplace or with people of the same profession. Your kindness will be tested on more than one occasion during this holiday. This way no one will feel isolated or forgotten by you. What you didn’t achieve in the past now materializes.

More about Breaking Glass Window

Dream of glass expresses that you are about to receive a job offer that could be made by someone close to you. A close friend or relative will lend a hand in a bureaucratic or legal matter. A complication will arise at home, but you will soon find a way to fix things. Your goal is to get your partner to accept the commitment you will make tonight. You will feel an intense joy and you won’t even know why.

Dream of window signifies that you may have to make a complicated work-related decision. You will want to set realistic goals and not leave open fronts. The family will demand more responsibility from you and you will be there, with them. You will stop feeling internal pressure about an issue that was worrying you at work. Perhaps you will dare to do something that until now you have not been able.

Dream of glass windows signifies that you have things pending that have not yet crystallized but will eventually arrive. If you set your mind to it with generosity, you manage to overcome those obstacles. The result will be very good and highly valued in your work. Only by being healthy will you be able to face all the work that awaits you. You will be invited to a party or social gathering and you should go, even if you don’t feel like it.

Dream of breaking glass window contains special messages

ADVICE: Sows for the future and promotes family unity. Focus and concentrate your energies for what is important.

WARNING: Avoid the most personal topics and lead the conversation towards your professional values. Don’t let melancholy get the better of you, because it is not something that assaults you often.

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