Dream of Glass

MEANING: Dream of glass shows that you are on the mark or that you are on the right track. It can be a lot of fun, that adrenaline rush will be beneficial. Cancel your plans for today and dedicate yourself to rest after work. You will have an idea that you want to put into practice soon. You will suddenly remember something that you should have done and that is important.

SOON: Glass in dream symbolises that until recently you had some doubts, but now you have clarified. You have home-related projects that you can finally get started. As important as practicing sport is a good warm-up. At your side is love and sometimes you do not know how to recognize it. If you have a few pounds left over, you are at a good time to start a change in your life.

FUTURE: Dream of glass expresses that you will have to arm yourself with patience and resistance. In them you will give your best and be very successful. It’s important what it says and you must learn not to always want to be the one to call the shots. This way everything will develop much more easily and will come out well. This weekend will be especially suitable for resting, regaining strength and regaining health.

Dream of glass contains special messages

ADVICE: Take care of your character that can go from sweet and diplomatic to explosive and capricious. Get organized, as you will be extremely busy throughout the day.

WARNING: Beware of excess drinking, don’t get carried away. Even at the risk of being unfriendly, don’t listen to them.

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