Dream of Bitter Orange

MEANING: Dream of bitter orange indicates that you will soon experience a turn for the better. Perhaps you are not seeing things too clearly at the moment. You may just be experiencing constipation or indigestion. Don’t become a fanatic or hurt yourself by making public demonstrations. You are going to recover a friend or a support that you already gave for lost because of the distance or the time.

SOON: Bitter orange in dream indicates that you feel very happy and content and you don’t know why. You prepare a trip or establish a contact with the foreigner that involves an income. You fight with all your strength for what you want. You are closer and closer to achieving a long cherished dream. Your state of mind is favorable, but you cannot relax and neglect your health.

FUTURE: Dream of bitter orange expresses that you will feel deeply grateful to those around you. Detaching yourself will not be easy, but it will bring you great benefits. At a dinner or evening party you will have a great time and maybe meet an interesting person. They will listen to you enraptured and let themselves be carried away by you. Everyone will be pleasantly surprised by your energy.

More about Bitter Orange

Dream of oranges shows that in a weekend break you will live great adventures and very exciting moments. A magical coincidence will open a door that could change your life forever. Walking a little bit every day after work will help. Your presence and your word will enlighten many. Someone will raise the possibility of doing something different this weekend.

Dream of bitter orange contains special messages

ADVICE: Make your partners or employees understand. If you have muscle pain, you should see a specialist.

WARNING: Leave them parked, because you will find difficulties or waste your time uselessly. Get out of there by yourself and don’t let others hold your happiness or your balance in their hands.

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