Dream of Oranges

MEANING: Dream of oranges shows that you are afraid to meet again someone with whom things did not end well. The family gives you good news to share with them. Don’t start the week off on the wrong foot by arguing with a co-worker. You will be very affectionate with the people you love and that affection will come back to you multiplied. Your home, personal life and family come to the fore now.

SOON: Oranges in dream expresses that you’re on a hot streak and it doesn’t have to change. The most important thing for things to get back to normal is for you to stay calm. It’s time to take up again some studies that you left out long ago. You are low on energy and you do everything possible to take care of your diet. Your intention is not to spread it, but to make it respect you.

FUTURE: Dream of oranges suggests that that way, luck will be on your side and you will get everything you want. Love smiles at you, so don’t turn around and value what you have and not what you might have. Your friends will notice this change and will be by your side to pamper you. In the sentimental realm there will still be stability in your life. A friend will be on your side at all times and will show you how important you are to him.

Dream of oranges contains special messages

ADVICE: Friends have always been very important to you and that should remain so. You have them and many more than you think, but you must trust yourself.

WARNING: Don’t think you are alone in the face of difficulties or conflicts. Don’t forget your exercises, so you can lose the pounds you have gained from the excesses.

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